Get our opinion

Get our opinion on any Kutani piece - USD $15 a piece

You wish to get our opinion on any kutani pieces, we will to the extent possible, give a production period. If the piece is marked, we will translate it for you and do the necessary research to determine/identify the name of the kiln or painter who produced the piece with some background when possible. Finally we will give a valuation range.

Send photos by Email, front, bottom, marking, details. Photos should be large enough or high resolution. Opinion should be given within a week unless the piece requires deeper research.

To support this service a basic fee is required whatever the value of the piece or the time required to do the evaluation. Please send first USD $15 by piece (or for a set) to be evaluated using Paypal.

If the piece and photos are interesting I will add them to the database, if you do not want or just prefer to stay anonymous, let me know.

  • to send photos, put them as attachment in an email to <>
  • if files are too large (10 or 15 MB) send them in a separate email or in several emails;

Georges Bouvier / John Wocher