1905 Portland

The exhibition in Portland, Oregon (USA) celebrated the 100th anniversary of Lewis and Clark’s expedition.

The Lewis and Clark Expedition from August 31, 1803, to September 25, 1806, also known as the Corps of Discovery Expedition, was the United States expedition to cross the newly acquired western portion of the country after the Louisiana Purchase.

It was not exactly an Universal exhibition but 18 nations and 3 colonies participated including Japan who exhibited more than 13000 items.

List of potters attending the Lewis & Clark Centennial and American Pacific Exposition and Oriental Fair
From the "Official Catalogue of the exhibition, Portland Oregon, June 1st to October 15, 1905"
Place of origin
Pieces exhibited
Fukuoka, Kenjiro Kobe Porcelain
Hotoda, Takichi Yokohama
Imura, Hikojiro Yokahama
Inoue Jihei Tokyo
Inuzuka, Heiji Kobe
Kawaai, Yoshijiro Yokohama
Kato, Tomotaro Tokyo
Kawano, Yoshitaro Yokohama
Koransha Sagaken
Kutani Kumiai Ishikawaka
Muratani, Tohichi Kobe Earthenwares
Kiyakawa, Shudan Yokohama
Tashiro Ichijir Yokohama
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