Keisei Isogaya museum

I wish to thank particularly the Keisei Isogaya Museum for giving me permission to publish on this site some of their best pieces. They can be easily found on the database in the Ceramic section, by Owner - Courtesy of Keisei Isogaya Museum.

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Tel: 0287-35-3332
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View of the Keisei Isogaya Museum

Keisei Isogaya is a private museum specialized in Meiji Kutani. It is probably one of the largest by the number of pieces in stock, more than 2000. They have also certainly the biggest number of pieces which have been presented during universal exhibitions in Europe as well as US at the end of the 19 century. Most of these pieces are magnificent and of uncommon size.

They have also an unique collection of Kutani Shoza.

However, it is a little far from Tokyo and only open on Saturday, Sunday and National holidays from 10:00 AM to 17:00 PM. The museum is also closed between December 28 and January 5th..

If you have a chance to go to Japan and love Kutani, do not hesitate to visit the Keisei museum!

Museum special exhibitions

The museum participated in the Kutani exhibition held in Paris at the Japan cultural center in 1999

April to November 2002 the museum offered a special exhibition of pieces produced by Kutani Shoza.

From April 6 to november 2003 the museum has shown a special exhibition on Akae kutani

The museum participated in the exhibition held in Paris at the Japan cultural center in 2010

Asahi Shimbun organized at Takashimaya Departement stores an important exhibition with more than 90 pieces belonging to Keisei Isogaya on the subject of Meiji Akae:

  • from Nov 8, 2012 to Nov 26, 2012 in Tokyo
  • from Jan 6, 2013 to Jan 24, 2013 in Kyoto
  • from Feb 9, 2013 to March 10, 2013 in Nagoya
  • from April 6, 2013 to Mai 26, 2013 in Komatsu Kutani Museum

More than 100.000 persons attended thees exhibitions which was a great success. Catalogue of the exhibition can be seen in the article section.

The Museum collection

Keisei Isogaya has published a big part of its collection of Kutani pieces in 3 volumes
It represents 1500 pages all with colors photos. It is the most extensive collection of Kutani pieces ever assembled.
More details on these exceptional books

How to go there?

The museum is located in Nasu-Shiobara, a small city, around 200 km north of Tokyo. It’s therefore a one day trip.

Nasu is a kind of resort area where many residents from Tokyo have their week-end houses. You may take this opportunity to visit the surrounding areas, Nikko is not so far, same for Aizuwakamatsu with many Onsen or Inawashiro lacq.

  • By Train, take a shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Nasu-Shiobara (around 2 hours ride)
    Then from Nasu Shiobara station take a JR Bus, (around 25 mn). Get down at Aguripu Shiobara stop (3mn walk from the museum).
  • By car, 10 mn from Nishi Nasuno Shiobara interchange on Tohoku Expressway
  • By bus, Take a JR Bus from Yoyogi station (or Shinjuku south exit), direct to Aguripu Shiobara stop (3mn walk from the museum). It takes about 3 Hrs.
    Maybe the best and cheapest solution