Signatures on woodboxes


The most valuable pieces have always been nicely packed in hand made wooden boxes (Hako) 箱. In fact some of the most famous painters had even their own wooden boxes maker.

Boxes are therefore an important part in the authentication process as they bear the description of the item, the name of the painter or kiln and the signature and stamp of the painter.

When buying an original piece it should be in its original box. The price of a particular piece will then depend significantly on the availability and condition of the original box.

You will then find out that Tokkuri or sake pourer are always going as a pair, that often sake cup or small dishes are sold by 5 and that the original box was designed for this.

For those who want to know more on kutani wood boxes see : page of Tomobako.

You have below examples of signatures on wooden boxes.

Ishino Ryuzan
Juraku kiln
Matsuju Do
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