How to tie-up

How to tie-up a Tomobako - 供箱 or Japanese Wood box with a traditionnal ribbon (Kumihimo - 組み紐)

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Tomobako with it’s typical ribbon called " Kumihimo" Tomobako made for a vase made by Yasokichi 3rd
Please note the paper protection to preserve the calligraphy of the box

This is in a few steps the process to tie-up a kumihimo around a tomobako.
It seems easy, but it requires a little practice to succeed nicely!

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1st step - Preparation of the box and the ribbon 2nd - Pull gently on each leg of the ribbon.
The ribbon’s legs are crossed behind.


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3rd - Use the left part of the ribbon to make a buckle 4th - Pass the right leg of the ribbon behind the buckle


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5th - Then make a second buckle when passing inside Close-up of the buckles


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6th - Pull gently the 2 buckles and that’s it !

Photos: Georges Bouvier