The 7 lucky Gods

The 7 lucky Gods - 七福神 - Sichi Fuku Jin

This is the most important figurines that you will find in Japan. They are found often traveling on a boat (Takarafune) bringing treasures and wealth to the people.

Takarafune This is Takarabune (fune) or treasure ship, carrying the seven lucky gods. It is a very popular figurine in Japan.


One of the seven lucky gods. He is representing the wealth of the land and is therefore the god of the farmers. He wears hood, holding a Kozuchi; (a carrying bag) on his right hand and sitting on rice bales the symbol of Daikoku. When shaken by the god, this bag is supposed to grant all wishes.


One of the Seven lucky Gods, usually portrayed with a sea bream. He is the god of fishermen, merchants and prosperity. He is the only god originated from Japan.

There is a story that he is rather deaf, it is why people who pray for him making lot of noise before ....



One of the seven lucky gods. God of happyness, wealth and longevity. He is originated from china. He has a big forehaed and hold the sacred book which contains he lif span of every person. He is represented often with crane and a turtle symbol of longevity.


One of the seven lucky gods. Hotei is the most popular and favorite Japanese household god. He is the god of prosperity. He is represented in many different positions generally with a big belly and smiling. He often carries a treasure bag with gifts for the children. He is the Japanese Santa Claus.

He brings luck to whom touch his belly!



One of the seven lucky gods. Goddess of music, artist and geisha, she is the only woman among the seven happy gods. She has for origine the indian godess Saravasti.

She is also called Benton, Benten, or Benzaiten



One of the seven lucky gods. The god of longevity. He is represented as an old man walking with a fan and a scroll under his arm. He is quite often identified as Fukurokuju and one consider that they have the same body.


One of the 7 lucky Gods. Bishamon is the Japanese name for Vaisravana, a Buddhist deity. He is protecting the wealth. He is represented wearing military protection, with a glave and a small temple in the left hand.