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Set of 2 dishes - Early Meiji style, heavy and thick ceramic, beautiful design, lot of gold, a very typical Meiji (...)
Price: $ 400

Pair of Meiji akae style kutani shallow bowls about 15cm in diameter, and 3cm deep. Classic early Meiji and a bargain price - easy to (...)
Price: $ 75

Modern globular vase almost 30cm tall with very, very nice coloring in overglaze polychrome Kutani colors. Marked Hozan. This vase is (...)
Price: $ 150

Hizen Arita ceramic in classic mirror-image design circa 1870, large charger at about 41cm in diameter, shallow. Great color, good (...)
Price: $ 250

Nice charger with mounted samurai design with very good detail. Meiji style dish, a reel bargain at this (...)
Price: $ 130

A very nice Shoza style plate, modern using new heat transfer technique and of extremely high qiuality of design. Priced to sell, easy (...)
Price: $ 30

Nicely and clearly marked Meiji era bowl in typical aka-e patterns. From a very well-known maker. Very nice quality and a nice size (...)
Price: $ 150

Rather large (32cm diameter) shallow plate with interesting front and highly decorated back design in classic aka-e color, deep iron (...)
Price: $ 150

Tea cup - Shoza copy. Contemporary but well done in a unique but distinct Shoza style, probably mid to late Showa and at a very (...)
Price: $ 50

Small (10cm) piece, but excellently drawn with bright gold accents. Probably late Showa. The mark on the plate reads Zui Ho Zu = Good (...)
Price: $ 40

Imari style kutani - Rice covered bowl in Daishoji style, of very high quality, priced most reasonably, and not so expensive to mail. (...)
Price: $ 75

A mizusashi is a kind of jar used in chanoyu (Japanese tea ceremony) to supply fresh water for replenishing the kettle and rinsing the (...)
Price: $ 400

Mid Showa era set of five fine cups in gold and aotsubu style with exquisite calligraphy inside. Artist and calligrapher marked, and (...)
Price: $ 100

Pair of sake cups made by Sawada Hoko with original box. Made in 2000, Great chance to own up and coming contermporary artist and his (...)
Price: $ 130

Set of five Kutani boat shaped bowls 18cm long, perfect for serving a small hot towel (oshibori) for guests or as snack bowls. Late (...)
Price: $ 100

Very nice calligraphy dish by Hashida Musei (橋田無聖).
Price: $ 520

A contemporary dish made by Higashi Fujiaki in the 70's - 80's A very nice akaesaimitsu ga - Akae small detailed painting With box (...)
Price: $ 350

Interesting 96 pieces serving set in ko-kutani style with a good quality of hand painted job. Not common with such old kutani style. (...)
Price: $