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Yokohama Kutani - kanji reading update

Published on : 9 April 2018

After some exchanges with one of our Website member we have slightly modified the pronunciation of some of the Japanese names.
This is always a difficult task and even controversial sometime between Japanese, especially for old personal names. It happens sometimes that we just do not know!

綿埜製 – This should be read Watano Sei and not Wataken - this kanji 埜 being an older form of 野. I believe that this signature is little older than 綿野製
Therefore the former may be attributed to Watano Genuemon (綿野 源右衛門) and the later to Watano Kichiji (綿野吉二).

Watano Yasutaro pieces are signed Watayasu (綿安), not Wataya.

Watatani Heibei (綿谷平兵衛) had a shop called the Watatani Heibei Shoten. Pieces are signed Watahei (綿平), not Watahira.

I guess I should think at the preparation of a Newsletter on Japanese kanji names and reading!