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Maison & Objet - Paris venue 2018

Published on : 13 January 2018

From 19 to 23 January has been organized in Paris the MAISON&OBJET exhibition at Paris Nord Villepinte.
It is an international fair for home decor, interior design, architecture and lifestyle culture however for professional only.
We have been invited by Yoshida Yukio, the manager of the Kinzan kiln who attended the venue. We visited the Kinzan kiln with John last November in Yamashiro.

Yukio, now Yoshida 4th and his wife Rumiko, are both painters and potters and are developing new tendancy and modern Kutani.

Yoshida 3rd the LNT (Living National Treasure) is always active and still producing his very famous Yuri Kinsai (釉裏金彩). Yūri-kinsai is a gold leaf-application technique. It forms a transparent overglaze on gilded ceramic. It is a complicated technique. It uses two kinds of gold leaf that consists of one thick and one thin layer. Before firing and glazing the vessel, the leaves are cut or carved into the desired shapes and then applied to the lacquered surface. The piece is then covered in clear glaze and fired at controlled, low temperature. This firing fuses the leaf to the surface while burning away excess lacquer. In the final stage sometimes two coats of soda glaze are applied to the surface in separate firings. Up to six individual firings are used to achieve the final result. The different thicknesses create the contrast of the pattern and with the glaze giving the vessel a visual dimension.

These are examples of Yuri kinsai made by Yoshida Minori. They are today very famous and rather expensive pieces.