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Set of 2 dishes - Early Meiji style, heavy and thick ceramic, beautiful design, lot of gold, a very typical Meiji style Made in Kutani Kutani Zo 九谷造 400
A superb aode style bowl, approximately 25 cm in diameter, and 10cm tall, sturdily potted with pheasant, shellfish, and other creatures represented in roundels. Mark is illegible. No box. Mid Showa. Picture does not do it justice - gorgeous deep green glassy glaze. 150
Pair of Meiji akae style kutani shallow bowls about 15cm in diameter, and 3cm deep. Classic early Meiji and a bargain price - easy to mail Kutani Kutani 九谷 75
Modern globular vase almost 30cm tall with very, very nice coloring in overglaze polychrome Kutani colors. Marked Hozan. This vase is probably 1970s/80s but flawless. No box, priced most reasonably. Kutani Hozan Kutani Hozan 九谷峰山 150
Hizen Arita ceramic in classic mirror-image design circa 1870, large charger at about 41cm in diameter, shallow. Great color, good enamel work. A classic and nicely marked Made by Hichozan Shinpo Hichozan - Shinpo Sei 肥蝶山 信甫造 250
Nice charger with mounted samurai design with very good detail. Meiji style dish, a reel bargain at this price. Made in Kutani Kutani Sei 九谷製 130
A very nice Shoza style plate, modern using new heat transfer technique and of extremely high qiuality of design. Priced to sell, easy to mail. Kutani Shoza Kutani Shoza 九谷庄三 30
Nicely and clearly marked Meiji era bowl in typical aka-e patterns. From a very well-known maker. Very nice quality and a nice size at 23cm in diameter. A very good bargain. Kutani Seiundo Kutani Seiundo 晴雲堂 150
Rather large (32cm diameter) shallow plate with interesting front and highly decorated back design in classic aka-e color, deep iron red. Very nice decorative quality from the Meiji era. Kutani Kutani 九谷 150
Tea cup - Shoza copy. Contemporary but well done in a unique but distinct Shoza style, probably mid to late Showa and at a very reasonable price - No box Kutani Shoza Kutani Shoza 九谷庄三 50
Small (10cm) piece, but excellently drawn with bright gold accents. Probably late Showa. The mark on the plate reads Zui Ho Zu = Good Omen Garden or Good Omen Picture Kutani Ekido Kutani Ekido 九谷栄喜堂 40
Imari style kutani - Rice covered bowl in Daishoji style, of very high quality, priced most reasonably, and not so expensive to mail. No box Square ufuku Kakufuku 75
A mizusashi is a kind of jar used in chanoyu (Japanese tea ceremony) to supply fresh water for replenishing the kettle and rinsing the tea bowl. Signed Meizan, this mizusashi with shallow lid is literally covered with exquisite calligraphy. This is a showcase piece, probably mid Showa era and the amount and quality of calligraphy is breathtaking. If is very fine and pristine. Comes without original box. Kutani Meizan Kutani Meizan 九谷明山 400
Mid Showa era set of five fine cups in gold and aotsubu style with exquisite calligraphy inside. Artist and calligrapher marked, and not yet identified, but these are of very high quality and comes with tomobako. Perfect for tea which is their intended use, but could be used for sake as well. No chips, cracks or hairlines. Very nice and collectable set. Kutani Yugaku   Kutani Yugaku    九谷 勇岳 100
Pair of sake cups made by Sawada Hoko with original box. Made in 2000, Great chance to own up and coming contermporary artist and his dragon depictions are astounding. Rare dated piece - millennium sake! With original signed tomobako. Made in 2000 by Hoko Nisen nen zo Hoko 二千年造 穂光 130
Set of five Kutani boat shaped bowls 18cm long, perfect for serving a small hot towel (oshibori) for guests or as snack bowls.

Late Taisho to mid Showa. Marked Kutani. $100 + estimated $35 for nicely packed EMS shipping.

Kutani 100
Very nice calligraphy dish by Hashida Musei (橋田無聖). Kutani Kutani 九谷 520
Very detailled Akae style dish with dragon motif. This dish has been heavily repaired using an old technique of stapler. An impressive amount of 22 staplers has been used. Made by Seizan Kutani Kutani Seizan Do Zo 九谷清山堂造 240
A contemporary dish made by Higashi Fujiaki in the 70's - 80's A very nice akaesaimitsu ga - Akae small detailed painting With box signed in perfect condition Kutani Fujiaki 九谷東富士明 350
Interesting 96 pieces serving set in ko-kutani style with a good quality of hand painted job. Not common with such old kutani style. Given the spur marks probably an early Showa (pre WWII) production.. Fuku Fuku