Ceramic # 1396 for sale

Description : A mizusashi is a kind of jar used in chanoyu (Japanese tea ceremony) to supply fresh water for replenishing the kettle and rinsing the tea bowl. Signed Meizan, this mizusashi with shallow lid is literally covered with exquisite calligraphy. This is a showcase piece, probably mid Showa era and the amount and quality of calligraphy is breathtaking. If is very fine and pristine. Comes without original box.
Dimension : Height 15 to 17 cm
Kutani type: Mizusashi
Painting Technique: Mohitsu Saiji - 毛筆細字 - Japanese calligraphy
Marking : Kutani Meizan - 九谷明山
Potter family name : _Generic
Calligraphist : Yamamoto Kazuaki - 山本 和明
Production period : Contemporary (1950 - Today)
Owner : Courtesy of John Wocher, Kamogawa, Japan
Price in US $ : 400

Box description :

九谷焼 − 水指 − 明山 Kutani ceramic - Mizusashi - Meizan

Calligraphist: Meizan - 明山