Category : Kutani ceramics
Title Keisei collection


Author Keisei Isogaya museum and Wataru Niwa Director of Terai city kutani museum
Description 3 volumes of 500 pages each,
Size 21 cm by 29,7 cm - A4 size
Hardbound with case - only color photos.
Each piece has front, back or side photos as well as marking
Content Vol 1 is devoted mainly to Meiji pieces - 507 pieces are shown
Vol 2 contains also 526 pieces, Shoza, multicolor and green kutani(ko-kutani, Yoshidaya although referenced on the Keisei collection as green kutani).
Vol 3 includes 530 pieces, Generally small size such as Tokkuri, sake cup, incens burner, Haizen...
Comment I was looking forward since long time to get this set of books listing a big part of the collection of the Keisei Isogaya Museum.
This private museum located in Japan has more than 2000 pieces of Kutani mainly from the Meiji era and I believe to be the most extensive kutani collection in the world.
Which is also extremely rare, each piece has been taken front, back and also marking.
It is the most valuable reference material for the kutani collector which has ever been assembled.
Each piece is identified in japanese and romaji, description and translation of the marking. Unfortunately the english translation is not available but is it not so problematic.
At end of each book a summary table give in japanese for each piece the name of the painter and kiln or producer when available,
description and also dimension.
There is no text on these books except one page of introduction in japanese and english.
These books were published in 1990 & 1991 by the Keisei Isogaya museum for private use.
They can still be purchased from the museum at a price of 25.000 Yens each.
If someone is interested, I am regularly in touch with the museum, I can therefore manage to help get a copy.
Price around 250 $ each depending on exchange rate.