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This is a private site which I established only to promote Kutani ceramics and is an homage to all generations of artists who have developed Kutani ceramics since 350 years.   Georges Bouvier - Owner and webmaster


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The Kutani Database (members only)

You are a Kutani collector, an antique dealer, you are looking for information on a particular piece, on a famous potter, on a kiln. You want to know the meaning of a signature....the Kutani database is for you !!

You can search the database in English or Japanese: kiln information, potter and painter name & signature, calligraphy, style, history ..... There are thousands of pages of information and photos updated regularly.   

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You have a Kutani piece, a set. You wish to know, origine, value, meaning of marking? You can get a quick and personal opinion. It's only $15 per request. Click here for more information.

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Kutani ceramics have their origin in a small remote village in the mountains (Kutani means 9 valleys) of the Ishikawa Prefecture. The main city, Kanazawa, is one of the most famous castle towns in Japan. If Kutani ceramics are little known overseas, on the contrary they are very famous in Japan as they are really representative of the Japanese culture.

Kutani history is closely linked with the history of Japan and with the development of Ishikawa Prefecture. However who knows where Kanazawa is?

is the largest Internet resource for information on Kutani ceramic. It includes the most comprehensive Kutani database. It stores more than 1000 kutani marks and photos of different pieces for reference. You may search also through hundred's of potter, kiln and producer's names in english and japanese. This site has the support of a large number of private collectors and dealers all over the world.


If you have questions on Kutani, please join the Kutani discussion board, it's a convenient way to get answers and opinions from worldwide known specialists and experts.
This site allows viewing of Japanese Kanji characters and Japanese names. In order to view Kanji you may have to download the proper font and or set up your browser to view japanese fonts.
Last update 03/22/16

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